When applying for a visa each applicant must present documents substantiating valid health insurance coverage. A health insurance contract may be concluded with an insurance provider of any state.  The health insurance contract (policy) must guarantee that all basic medical assistance costs and travel expenses which may arise in connection with the return, for health reasons, of the insured person to his homeland (medical transportation, including escort by medical brigade or a doctor) will be covered.

The health insurance contract (policy) must contain entries in at least one of the following languages: Lithuanian, English, German, French or Russian.

The minimum amount of health insurance when issuing a short-stay visa (C) in respect to each visitor must be EUR 30 000. A health insurance contract must be valid throughout the whole period of a visitor’s stay in the Republic of Lithuania.

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If you have any questions about visas and travel documents please contact the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania