UNESCO World Heritage session, Vilnius, 8-16 July 2006

1. Venue

UNESCO World Heritage 30th session will be taking place at the Reval Hotel Lietuva (20, Konstitucijos ave., Vilnius). The Press Conference and the Media Centre are located on the ground floor of Reval Hotel Lietuva. Access to the Media Centre is limited to individuals carrying appropriate press pass.

2.  Accreditation

Access to media facilities will be available only to accredited media representatives. Accreditation is open to journalists, broadcasters, film and television camera crew and technicians.

Applications for accreditation can only be made on-line, by clicking here.

In order to complete your accreditation request, you will need to provide a digital picture. Only a 3,5 x 4,5 cm passport-size photograph in JPEG format will be accepted. Every applicant has to create a user name and a password.

Applications for accreditation should be submitted before Thursday, 1 July 2006. Applications received after that date will not be processed.

Press passes will be available for collection at the Media Accreditation Office from 09:00 hours on Friday, 7 July 2006.

Press passes shall be collected personally at the Media Accreditation Office on presentation of an identification card or passport and a valid press card (or letter of accreditation from a recognized media organization), which should be presented at any time upon request of security personnel.

3. Security

Press passes are to be worn visibly and presented at any time upon request of security personnel.

All Media representatives are informed that security personnel will examine and may test equipment and personal effects carried onto the Media Centre. Media representatives are advised to arrive with sufficient time to pass the security checks.

4. Facilities

Media representatives will enter the Media Centre through the main entrance on the ground floor of the Reval Hotel Lietuva from the river side.

Media Accreditation Office
The Media Accreditation Office is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Reval Lietuva, entrance from the river side. The Media Accreditation Office will serve for general information, distribution of press cards and pool cards.

Opening hours of the Media Accreditation Office are: 7-16 July 09:00 – 18:00 hrs

Media Centre
Located on the ground floor next to Media Accreditation Office, the Media Centre has up to 20 work stations. Each of it is equipped with an outlet for power supply, an outlet fitted with RJ 45 plugs for LAN connection to the Internet from laptop computers.  Please bring your own laptops and power/LAN adaptors. You will also be able to print and have access to international faxing facilities.

The Media Centre will be operational on the following hours: 7-16 July 09:00 – 18:00 hrs

Press Conference Room
Located on the ground floor, the Press Conference Room is equipped with 50 seats. The Press Conference Room will be used for the main news conferences.

5. Photo services

Photographs taken during the conference will be available for publication on the website. The distribution of photos will be made exclusively by electronic means. Media representatives are asked to advise their media organization to download images directly from the above web address.

Photo processing is not available at the Media Centre.

6. Programme and pools

The final programme of the meetings will be available upon accreditation.

Media events will begin on Saturday, 8 July.

Pool cards for the events with limited access will be distributed at the Media Accreditation Office in the afternoon of 7 July.

7. Social Event

Accredited journalists are welcome to participate in the official opening concert.

8. General information

Visas, travel, accommodation
Please check with the nearest Lithuanian Embassy or Consulate regarding visa requirements.  For travel and accommodation assistance, please complete the Booking form following the Accreditation form on-line.

On the ground floor of the Reval Hotel Lietuva is located the Riverside restaurant, which offers hot meals as well as coffee and drinks. Coffee, snacks, hot and cold drinks are also to be enjoyed in the Skybar located on the 22nd floor of the hotel.

Electrical Equipment
In Lithuania voltage is 220V/50Hz and plugs have two round pins. Adaptors/transformers are therefore required for different voltages and plugs.

Lost and Found
For assistance with lost and found items, please contact Media accreditation office.

Dialling rules
To place an international call from Lithuania, dial 00 + country code + local number.

All major credit cards and bank transfers are accepted for payments. Currency exchange is available at banks and currency exchange offices.